Future Students

Data Science Lab is hiring again!

We are looking for two talented graduate students in the broad areas of Big Data Analytics / Machine Learning / Data Science. Send an e-mail if you are interested to apply.

Research Interests:

  • Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Analytics
  • Data Integration, Heterogeneous Datasets
  • Data Curation, Data Quality, Data Cleaning,
  • Business Intelligence, Query Performance Problem Determination,
  • Web Search, Graph Search Web Semantic, RDF Data



  • NEW: A. Mihaylov, P. Godfrey, L. Golab, M. Kargar, D. Srivastava and J. Szlichta, FastOD: Bringing Order to Data, IEEE ICDE, 4 pages, to appear, 2018.
  • Z. Zheng, M. Alipour Langouri, Z. Qu, I. Currie, F. Chiang, L. Golab and J. Szlichta. FastOFD: Contextual Data Cleaning with Ontology Functional Dependencies. EDBT, 694-697, 2018.
  • M. Alipour-Langouri, Z. Zheng, F. Chiang, L. Golab and J. Szlichta. Contextual Data Cleaning. IEEE ICDE workshop on Context in Analytics, 4 pages, 2018.
  • J. Szlichta: Order Dependencies. Encyclopedia of Database Systems, Springer, 2 pages, 2017.


  • J.Szlichta, P. Godfrey, L. Golab, M. Kargar and D. Srivastava: Effective and Complete Discovery of Order Dependencies via Set-based Axiomatization. PVLDB 10(7): 721-732, 2017.
  • S. Baskaran, A. Keller, F. Chiang, L. Golab and J. Szlichta, Efficient Discovery of Ontology Functional Dependencies, ACM CIKM 2017, 1847-1856.
  • M. Zihayat, A. An, L. Golab, M. Kargar and J. Szlichta: Authority-Based Team Discovery in Social Networks. EDBT, 498-501, 2017.
  • M. Kargar, A. An, P. Godfrey, J. Szlichta and X. YuL Meaningful Keyword Search over Databases with Complex Schema. AMW, 4 pages, 2017.


  • G. Damasio, P. Mierzejewski, J. Szlichta and C. Zuzarte: Query Performance Problem Determination with Knowledge Base in Semantic Web System OptImatch. EDBT 2016, 515-526.
  • M. Kargar, L. Golab and J. Szlichta: eGraphSearch: Effective Keyword Search in Graphs. ACM CIKM 2016, 2461-2464.
  • G. Damasio, P. Mierzejewski, J. Szlichta and C. Zuzarte: OptImatch: Semantic Web System for Query Problem Determination. IEEE ICDE 2016, 1334-1337.
  • M. Ferron, K. Pu and J. Szlichta: ARC: A Pipeline Approach Enabling Large-Scale Graph Visualization. IEEE ASONAM 2016, 1397-1400.
  • A. Keller, J. Szlichta: Ontology Functional Dependencies. AMW 2016, 4 pages.


  • N. Prokoshyna, J. Szlichta, F. Chiang, R. J. Miller and D. Srivastava: Combining Quantitative and Logical Data Cleaning. PVLDB 9(4): 300-311, 2015.
  • M. Kargar, A. An, N. Cercone, P. Godfrey, J. Szlichta and  X. Yu: Meaningful Keyword Search in Relational Databases with Large and Complex Schema. IEEE ICDE 2015, 411-422.
  • J. Szlichta, Lukasz Golab, D. Srivastava:
    On Axiomatization and Inference Complexity over a Hierarchy of Functional Dependencies. AMW 2015, 12 pages.


  • M. Kargar, A. An, N. Cercone, P. Godfrey, J. Szlichta, X. Yu: MeanKS: meaningful keyword search in relational databases with complex schema. ACM SIGMOD Conference 2014: 905-908.
  • J. Szlichta, P. Godfrey, J. Gryz, W. Ma, W. Qiu, Calisto Zuzarte: Business-Intelligence Queries with Order Dependencies in DB2. EDBT 2014: 750-755.
  • M. Volkovs, F. Chiang, J. Szlichta, R. Miller: Continuous data cleaning. IEEE ICDE 2014: 244-255.


  • J. Szlichta, P. Godfrey, J. Gryz, C. Zuzarte: Expressiveness and Complexity of Order Dependencies. PVLDB 6(14): 1858-1869, 2013.
  • J. Szlichta, P. Godfrey, J. Gryz, C. Zuzarte: Axiomatic System for Order Dependencies. AMW, 4 pages, 2013.


  • J. Szlichta, P. Godfrey, J. Gryz: Fundamentals of Order Dependencies. PVLDB 5(11): 1220-1231, 2012.
  • J. Szlichta, P. Godfrey, J. Gryz: Chasing Polarized Order Dependencies. AMW 2012: 168-179.


  • J. Szlichta, P. Godfrey, J. Gryz, W. Ma, P. Pawluk, C. Zuzarte: Queries on dates: fast yet not blind. EDBT 2011: 497-502.

For a list of dblp publications, please visit link

Current and Past Collaborators:

  • Aijun An, Parke Godfrey and Jarek Gryz (York University)
  • Divesh Srivastava (AT&T Lab)
  • Fei Chiang (McMasters)
  • Lukasz Golab, Ihab Ilyas (University of Waterloo)
  • Wenbin Ma, Piotr Mierzejewski, Calisto Zuzarte (IBM Lab)
  • Mehdi Kargar (University of Windsor)
  • Morteza Zihayat (Ryerson University)
  • Renée Miller (University of Toronto)
  • Ken Pu, Jeremy Bradbury (UOIT)

Current Supervised and Co-supervised Students:

  • Michael Ferron
  • Alexander Keller
  • Guilherme Fetter Damasio
  • Jeremy Kwok
  • Alexander Mihaylov
  • Thomas Frantz