Software Design and Analysis

Title: Software Design and Analysis Code: CSCI 2040U

Instructor: Jarek Szlichta, jaroslaw [dot] szlichta [at] uoit [dot] ca

Office hours: Wednesdays 5.00-6.00pm or Wed 1pm-2pm  (except reading week)

TA:  Guilherme Damasio, Guilherme.FetterDamasio [at] uoit [dot] ca

TA office hours Mondays (except reading week) 4:30pm till 5:30pm, UA4029

Description and Course Outline: see Blackboard

Marking Scheme: Labs and Project 30% (10% + 20%),  Midterm : 20%, Final Exam : 40%, Participation/Presentation: 10%.

Policies: Refer to following link. Refer to UOIT Faculty of Science academic policies

Required readings: 

Required: Applying UML and Patterns, Craig Larman – see the link on Blackboard

Optional: Introduction to Software Engineering Design: Processes, Principles and Patterns with UML2 – Christopher Fox

Lecture Notes (always check newest version of the slides):

1. Introduction PDF

2. Inception, Requirements, Activity Diagrams PDF In-Class-Activities PDF

3. Use Cases  PDF In-Class-Activities PDF

4. Unified Process and Agile PDF

5. Domain Models  PDF

6. Generalization PDF In Class-Activities PDF

7. Interaction Diagrams PDF

8. Design Model PDF

9. State Diagrams PDF

10. Package Diagrams PDF State and Package In Class-Activities PDF (Sample solutions posted on Blackboard)

11. Patterns PDF

12. “A journey in software development, or how to do what you want and get away with it”; by Dmitri Shuralyov (short bio and abstract posted on Slack); 17th of March, Friday PDF Link:

13. More Patterns PDF

14.  UML Deployment and Persistence PDF

15. TDD and Refactoring PDF

16. Closure PDF


Labs start in the week of 16th-20th of January.

Lab tasks will be posted on Blackboard


Midterm: Design 14th of Feb + Applications 17th of Feb BRING YOUR LAPTOP TO THE MIDTERM! Midterm covers the materials from Lectures 1-6.

Project I report is due 24th of Feb, midnight

Project II report is due TBD

Any student who misses an examination  without a valid medical reason and documentation will receive zero for that examination/tutorial. Those with medical documentation will either be given a makeup exam/tutorial or will have the weight of the examination (final exam/midterm) added to the final exam.

Exam: April 20, 3:30 p.m, 2h, UA1140  BRING YOUR LAPTOP TO THE FINAL EXAM