Computers and Media

Title: Computers and Media Code: CSCI 1200U

Instructor: Jarek Szlichta,

Office hours: Thursday 5.00-7.00pm

TA: Zheng Wang (zheng [dot] wang [at] uoit [dot] ca)

Description: This course investigates the influence that computers have had on modern media, including the production process and industry structure. The media forms that will be discussed include film, video, music, animation and games. Topics to be covered include the digital delivery of media, the changing role of the viewer, the difference between interactive and non-interactive media and the democratization of media production.

Marking Scheme: Tutorials 10%,  Assignments: 20% Midterm : 20%, Final Exam : 45%, In class activities: 5%.

Policies: Refer to following link. Refer to UOIT Faculty of Science academic policies

Course outline:

  1. Technology and media
  2. Media types
  3. Digital media production
  4. Distribution of digital media
  5. Digital media industry
  6. Technology’s impact on traditional media
  7. Legal and ethical issues
  8. Future trends

Required readings:

Understanding Media in the Digital Age, Everette E. Dennis, Melvin L. DeFleur

ge, Everette E. Dennis, Melvin L. DeFleurc

Lecture Notes (always check newest version of the slides):

1. Introduction & Media (Chapter 1) PDF

2. McLuhan & Responsive Media (Chapters 1 and 2) PDF

3.  Narrative & Context (Chapters 1 and 2) PDF

4. History of Analog and Digital Media (Chapters 2, 7 and 8) PDF

5. Images and Compression (Chapters 3 and 4) PDF

6. Books and Newspapers (Chapter 3) PDF

7. Internet and Privacy PDF

8. Peer to Peer and Business Models (~Chapter 13) PDF

9. Censorship and Legal Issues (~Chapter 14) PDF

10. Ethics (Chapter 15) PDF

11. Mobile PDF

12. Digital Media Business (Chapter 13)  PDF


Tutorials will start on 22nd (Tuesday) of September.

Tutorial tasks will be posted on Blackboard


Midterm: 27th of October, Tuesday BRING YOUR LAPTOP TO THE MIDTERM!

Any student who misses an examination (or tutorial, starting from Tutorial 2 to Tutorial 10) without a valid medical reason and documentation will receive zero for that examination/tutorial. Those with medical documentation will either be given a makeup exam/tutorial or will have the weight of the examination (final exam/midterm) added to the final exam.

Assignment #1: October 8th

Assignment #2: November 6th

Assignment #3: November 23rd


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